Opinion Leaders

Despite an overwhelming range of types of products and services offered in the market, we are always turning at others people for options these days. Honestly, when I’m stuck deciding between two things, I take the opinion of my favorite YouTube site, my family and friends, or the Google reviewer.

Is it relatable? Will the opinion of a single person or community of people change your opinion too?

Who are the Opinion Leaders?

“Opinion leaders are influential members of a community, group, or society who others turn to for advice, opinions, and views” 

(Who are Opinion Leaders and Why do They Matter, 2020)

Opinion leaders are entities or groups who are willing to manipulate others with their views. They are those that the opinion receivers find to be trustworthy and have high respect for in this specific field. Opinion leaders can be politicians, business leaders, community leaders, journalists, educators, celebrities, and sports stars.

There is also one specific influencer in the family who is a go-to person in terms of a certain product or service. For example, if you’re a foodie and your family trusts your taste, they’ll ask for your opinion before they try new food. This makes you the opinion leader in the terms of food. Similarly, when masses idolize well known public figures, they also become their opinion receivers. They keenly follow their opinion leaders.

The Role of Opinion Leaders in Marketing

Opinion leaders have gained leadership in a specific sector, business or industry. Some can make a career out of manipulating their viewers, impacting their understanding of market patterns and current affairs, as well as their customer behaviour. Others can simply be involved and respected in a specific group, whether physical, business, or internet.

Since the opinion leaders may support a company’s product or ideas, the advertisers also look for collective opinion leaders, promotional advertising campaigns or product endorsements. This type of relationship both enhances the exposure of a company and creates trust between the corporation and the audience of the influencers.

Celebrities as Opinion Leaders

Oftentimes, you can see advertisements with products or services provided by some form with celebrities, there’s a very good explanation for this. Because of their sheer success and recognition with the public, celebrities have a massive following and can turn corporations’ tides in their favor. Several TV and film stars have featured in different product advertisements and have said something good about the brand.

This has a huge psychological effect on consumers as these celebrities are trustworthy. For example, if the public doesn’t know a business well, they may use a celebrity to promote their goods and spread the word. People may know the celebrity very well and when they say anything they trust their opinion on the issue. As a result , consumers would start purchasing the commodity they might not otherwise have been talking about. Such celebrities affected consumer behavior merely by endorsing a certain product.

People are easily persuaded by what an opinion leader they trust and follow has to say. When they speak people listen. They have the standing to be able to influence the masses. It’s what makes opinion leaders so advantageous to marketers. Their reputation makes them favored among the public. These “fans” ultimately becoming the marketer’s future consumers. Having goods advertised through these well-known “leaders” make people easy ‘prey’ for product consumption.

Rolex relies on opinion leader Robert Downey Jr. to promote their watch.

Coeur Battant, starring Emma Stone.

The new campaign follows the actress and Louis Vuitton ambassador as she experiences a powerful and positive emotional journey.

LANEIGE Sparkle My Way with Lee Sung Kyoung

To Sparkle My Way is to never run out of curiosity; to explore with creativity and passion; and to keep my chin up with confidence and passion. ‘Cause I am special, just like we all are. Are YOU sparkling your way?


As we can see, the importance of opinion leaders in today’s business landscape should not be underestimated. With the power of word of mouth, products and services can be advertised for cheap by getting the initial message to the right people who can influence the purchasing behavior of other consumers who are still on the fence. Opinion leaders will bring people off of the fence with their media interaction to potentially be involved in a company. What it takes is for political makers to be trustworthy and trustworthy and peoples will quickly believe their message and be convinced to make a purchase.


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